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I-Phones, Non-Candidates and Hank Williams Jr.

It’s not even Wednesday yet and there’s a new I-phone I won’t be buying, another non-Presidential candidate no one will be voting for and a country music star making headlines whose political opinions no one cares about.

The New I-Phone

Maybe it’s because I recently spent $200 on an I-Phone 4 and Apple announced today it’s now going to be reduced to $99. Maybe it’s because the new I-Phone is 7 times faster at playing games and I use my phone mostly as a…phone. Or maybe because it was touted as the I-Phone 5 and it’s actually the I-Phone 4s.

But, no, I will not be shelling out $300 for this new “thing.” I cannot keep up with all the new “things.” Often, new “things” don’t work all that well. Somebody let me know when the I-Phone 10 comes out.

The Latest Version of “No”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had to call a news conference today because the media did not believe him the previous 107 times he said he would not be running for President. So everyone gathered in Trenton this afternoon to hear him say it again and the non-event is going to be leading newscasts all day today.

Note to political pundits desperate to spice up the increasingly bizarre Presidential race- when a politician says over and over and over and over again that he is “NOT READY” to be President, he knows that’s something that could be used in a campaign ad against him and he is definitely not interested in running for President.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Actually, no. I had absolutely no interest in Monday Night Football this week because who cares about the 0-3 Indianapolis Colts when there are baseball playoffs that actually matter? So, I missed that ESPN dropped Hank Williams Jr.’s opening song because the country music star made a comment recently comparing President Obama to Adolph Hitler.

Now conservative bloggers are reportedly outraged that ESPN is outraged at Williams who seems to be quite outraged about Barack Obama still being in the White House.

Ok. Why do we care again what Hank Williams Jr. thinks about anything?

Let me make this clear. I expect country singers to sing, athletes to play sports, Hollywood actors to act and politicians to make things up. Don’t confuse me by mixing up your roles in our lives. I’m already confused about what I-Phone to buy and what non-candidate not to vote for.

  1. oldschoolpirate
    October 12, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    I love that last paragraph! Why we continue to parade uninformed people in front of network microphones and then act shocked when they say something goofy has always puzzled me.

    However, I am equally puzzled at the prevailing thought that Hank’s purpose was to compare President Obama to Hitler! It reminds me of the old way we used to learn grammar. Remember when our horn-rimmed glass wearing English teacher would write a complicated sentence on the board and have us diagram it? I can still hear, “What is the subject of the sentence?” It’s like that.

    What was the subject of Hank’s comment? The real subject of his comment wasn’t really Obama, Boehner, golf or Hitler. C’mon, do we really think that Hank’s intent was to say that President Obama is like Hitler? The real subject of his rant was absurdity by both parties. To stage, purely for the cameras, this golf outing and expect us as a nation to gush in unison, “Awwwwwwww….Isn’t that sweet?” like we just saw a pile of sleeping kittens was pure absurdity. Hank’s extreme analogy shined a light on extreme absurdity.

    Now, having said that, I have a few words of advice for ole’ Bocephus. The next time you want to make a similar golfing analogy, leave Hitler out of it and go with something like the Roadrunner and Coyote, Superman and Lex Luthor, or Tiger Woods and …well, pretty much anyone. Or better yet, unless you’re playing music (preferably one of your daddy’s songs), stay off my TV and leave this long-haired country boy alone.

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