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Assorted Thoughts This 4th of July

Happy 4th! As the week draws to a close there are a number of disconnected issues that have been getting me going recently. A brief take on everything from jobless benefits and Lebron James to sports replays and Lady Gaga. Enjoy the weekend and don’t blow yourselves up!

Congress and Unemployment Benefits
In my view, it is unconscionable to not extend jobless benefits when the average length of unemployment in America is nearing a year. How do we pay for it? Print more money. Worried about riots in the streets? Continue making it difficult for people to find food and shelter. And what becomes of these Congressmen who deny jobless benefits when they lose their jobs? They become lobbyists and make even more money.

The Double-Dip Recession
It is becoming increasingly evident that it was only government stimulus programs that created signs of life in the American economy. When the homeowner tax breaks expired, people stopped buying homes. When the government stops hiring census workers, joblessness will continue unabated. I’m with Paul Krugman and John Maynard Keynes.

Lebron James
I am tired of hearing his name and couldn’t care less who he plays for. Wherever it is, I’m sure it will be for a lot of money and that he will not win an NBA title.

Sporting Event Replays
Whether it’s baseball or the World Cup, it is not charming or “part of the game “to get calls wrong and have no mechanism to correct them. It’s incompetence and it robs fans and teams alike. Tennis has instituted all kinds of technology to make sure calls are correct and it hasn’t damaged the sport one bit.

Supreme Court Nomination Hearings
They are a total farce. Politicians line up on their predictable sides. The nominees say absolutely nothing of substance. They all get approved. The only good line out of a week’s worth of Elena Kagan testimony is when she was asked where she was on Christmas day when the underwear bomber tried to blow up a plane in Detroit. “Like most Jews, having dinner at a Chinese restaurant.”

The Future of CNN
My God, who cares?

The Future of Lady Gaga
I hope she marries Larry King.

The Washington Nationals When Stephen Strasburg is Pitching

The Washington Nationals When Stephen Strasburg is Not Pitching
Sad and pathetic.

Who Cares What Robert Garcia Thinks About Anything?

Then Why Does He Keep Writing?
Because it amuses him.

Isn’t that egotistical?

Well, tell him to STOP
No. Get your own blog.

The 4th of July weekend
It’s a wonderful holiday celebrating the greatest nation on Earth. Have a tremendously fun weekend people! Happy Birthday, America!

  1. irma & Ned
    July 3, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Keep writing, Robert. You are in the loop.
    btw, Happy just died. We are miserable.

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