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Women’s Basketball Better than the Men’s

April 5, 2011 2 comments

College basketball’s men’s title game has not seen a sorrier offensive performance than poor Butler put on last night in their 53-41 defeat at the hands of the national champion Connecticut Huskies.  The Women’s NCAA crowns a champion tonight and I guarantee it will be better basketball.

The ladies have played some really dramatic and compelling contests this week.  Huge upsets.  Texas A&M’s stirring last second shocker over Stanford was amazing to watch.  Notre Dame’s huge upset of the Lady Huskies, ending their hopes for an 8th national title, was equally stirring.  

By contrast….Butler hit 18% of its shots, the lowest figure in the history of the NCAA Championship game.  They made just 3 of 31 from 2-point range, which appears to be the lowest percentage of 2-point attempts in all Division 1 games played all year.  “Unsightly,” seems to be the most commonly used adjective to describe last night’s title game.   Yeah, Connecticut played some mean defense, but beleaguered Butler just couldn’t stop clanking that ball against the rim all night.  

I will offer the disclaimer that Butler single-handedly destroyed my brackets this year and I was really pulling for VCU, which, I think, would have ended up playing a much more competitive game against Connecticut.  

So here’s to the ladies tonight- show the boys how the game is played…