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Just In Case the World Ends Saturday

Well, actually, rapture is Saturday- the world ends in October according to Harold Camping of Family Radio Worldwide. In any case, I’m not likely going anywhere special Saturday, except a brief visit to New York City, which some people think is heaven and others think is hell.

I do want to point out that Harold Camping predicted the end of the world in 1994 so unless we’re living in some parallel universe, I am not going to be cashing in options, packing bags, selling houses or otherwise preparing for the end. His record is spotty.

And just out of curiosity- why are some of Camping’s followers selling their houses? You can’t take the proceeds with you, can you? Do they take money up there? What if it turns out they only take Euros?

I understand some folks, poking some good-natured fun at Camping’s prediction, are having rapture parties and such. Yes, I’m a skeptic, but I’m also no tempter of fate. I’m hoping my neutral stance might possibly put me in the rapture crowd. You know, just in case.

If I am rejected, I will see you on Sunday and start saying my goodbyes in late September.


If there is one.

Natural Phenomena

April 15, 2010 2 comments


You can’t fly in or out of England today. Or much of Europe for that matter. And maybe not for a few days, or even weeks.  No one’s sure right now.  What is certain is that it’s one of the most disruptive events in the recent history of air travel. 

So much ash is being dispersed into the atmosphere from a major volcanic eruption in the Eyjafjallajoekull region in Iceland that all major airports in Britain are shut tight this morning; Heathrow, Glasgow, Edinburgh,  Aberdeen, Newcastle and Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Airport shutdowns and cancellations have also spread into Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and France. 

Not only does the ash affect visibility, but tiny dust particles can work their way menacingly into jet engines.  How long the airport shutdowns last will be determined by the weather and wind patterns.

But Wait- There’s More; Balls of Fire!

Residents of the Midwest were startled to see and hear a rather ferocious fireball or meteor or something last night.   It appears to have triggered a sonic boom.  You can see a video loop of it as it explodes and the remnants appear to fall to earth here and here.  The first video was taken from a dashboard camera in a cop car in Iowa that happened to be pointed in the right direction.  The second one is from a University of Wisconsin-Madison webcam.  Residents of Missouri and Illinois also reported seeing it.

This statement was released by a Midwestern office of the National Weather Service:

 Just after 10 pm CDT Wednesday evening April 14th, a fireball or very bright meteor was observed streaking across the sky. The fireball was seen over the northern sky, moving from west to east. Well before it reached the horizon, it broke up into smaller pieces and was lost from sight. The fireball was seen across Northern Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin. Several reports of a prolonged sonic boom were received from areas north of Highway 20, along with shaking of homes, trees and various other objects including wind chimes. As of late Wednesday evening, it is unknown whether any portion of this meteorite hit the ground

Considering all the earthquakes and now volcanoes and meteors/fireballs that are affecting the planet in one form or another this week, as a public service, Garciamedialife remains on the lookout for any reports of massive swarms of insects headed toward Jerusalem.

I am considering repenting.