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Wow- What a Romney Win- America: Hold on to Your Hats

That’s the headline Matt Drudge and some guy named Keith Koffler would like all mainstream media to write this morning following last night’s Super Tuesday primaries.

A suddenly developing theme today among the establishment representatives of the conservative media is that there’s clearly bias if we don’t all report what a wonderful night Mitt Romney had.

Well, he didn’t. It was an o.k. night, a night that tells us what we’ve known all along- that the guy with the only professional political operation among the remaining field of candidates is probably going to end up getting the nomination. But, jeez, he’s doing it in such a painfully slow manner, it may yet be months before we are all finally able to declare the inevitable.

Drudge, hilariously, has a one-word headline under a picture of Mitt Romney holding an Olympic torch, standing with hand over his heart and the caption is FINALLY. Finally, what? Finally, Super Tuesday is over? Finally, all four remaining candidates move on to the next excruciating round of inconclusive primaries? Finally, the Drudge Report makes it inescapably clear that it is supporting the candidacy of Mitt Romney?

Drudge links to this fellow Koffler who outlines the conspiratorial thinking of the mainstream media in denying Romney his due for having vanquished all opposition last night. Except he didn’t. Rick Santorum took three states and nearly defeated Romney in Ohio having been outspent by the Romney Super Pac machine there by more than 10 to 1. The Romney people thought they were going to win their first truly contested southern state- Tennessee. They had internal polling showing Romney closing in fast. Santorum ended up winning by 9%. Romney finished 22% behind Newt Gingrich in Georgia. Exit surveys find Romney unable to make a dent in the evangelical or Tea Party vote, his negatives are sky-high, and poll after poll finds he is not connecting with blue-collar voters.

But Romney did take the lion’s share of the delegates available last night. His opponents are so well organized that except for Ron Paul, they couldn’t even manage to get themselves on the ballot in Virginia. And Rick Santorum’s operation is so amateur hour that even in counties he won big last night in Ohio, the campaign failed to field slates of delegates.

So here’s the real story and the accurate headline: Romney Stumbles Toward Finish Line. I didn’t copy it from the Washington Post or the New York Times or I used my very own brain which has been professionally observing American politics for over 35 years now as a news anchor, a reporter, a producer and a broadcast news executive.

And the mainstream media at large, whose headlines closely resemble the one I wrote in the paragraph above, are not involved in some massive anti-Romney conspiracy. If so many people are writing the same thing- sometimes- every now and again- it’s not because they’re reading over each others shoulders or attending a massive mainstream media conspiracy conference call every morning- it’s because we all pretty much saw the same thing unfold before our very own eyes.

Shock: Drudge Links to Web Site Denying Irene is a Hurricane

August 27, 2011 1 comment

A guy named Steven Goddard has posted today that Irene has nothing more than 33 mph winds and that NOAA’s hurricane warnings are phony. I read it just now on the famous Drudge Report.

I can’t find Goddard’s credentials but a Google search does find that he’s been waging war against climate change theory for years now, which is neither here nor there. He’s currently denying actual data from weather stations in North Carolina.

Joe Bastardi, Accuweather’s former chief long-range forecaster and well-known for his views that climate change is not a man-made phenomena and has nothing to do with hurricane development has posted this on Goddard’s site in response:

There are winds gusting to near 120 mph. The storm may destroy every boardwalk up the coast. Please, you are doing a disservice to our side of the debate by downplaying this. ITS A 951 MB LAND FALL… 6th strongest on record in NC.
This is not a fight you should be fighting with these people. Lets not resort to the tactics they have ( warmingistas) by twisting examples. The exposure of some of the ob sites is leading to some of the reports, but other areas are getting hammered in the way this should 951 mb is similar to the pressure of IKE which was ridiculed before hand cause it was downgraded to 2.

I beg of you guys. Make fun of me after if this is not a 5-10 billion dollar storm , but wait till the game is over because we are setting ourselves up for problems if we find the boardwalks destroyed and people without power for a week like I think.

LETS FIGHT THEM WITH TRUTH on the facts .. Hurricanes are not caused by global warming, but lets fight them on the merits of the issue, not with examples, whether I am right on how this turns out or not!

Goddard’s site, “Real Science,” is claiming that because Irene has been downgraded to a Category 1 storm and wind levels are lower than may have been anticipated, the hysteria is phony.

Here are the facts: Most hurricane or tropical storm deaths are not caused by winds—they’re caused by storm surge; water piling up, driven by tides and currents and supplemented by extreme downpours. And even though Irene’s wind speeds are down due to how the storm has broken up over land, it still has the potential to spawn tornadoes.

And even if Goddard is correct that maximum winds will be at 33 mph when the storm hits New York City, having lived on the 18th floor of a Manhattan high-rise for several years, I can tell you from first-hand experience, that wind speeds of 30 mph at ground level, can be twice that 15 stories up and well over 90mph above 30 stories.

This strikes me as not the time to let political or scientific viewpoints on the veracity of climate change theory influence actual information people need to decide whether they’re going to evacuate or not.

Regardless of her wind speeds, Irene is a massive storm, nearly the size of Europe and the storm surge and the threat of tornadoes alone should be enough to convince people to be safe and prudent in protecting their own lives and those of their families.