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Fake Nuns, Fake Beatles and Fake Money

July 15, 2010 1 comment

Thought I would share a few eye-catching headlines on this hot July day. As my own headline above indicates, there seems to be a theme developing here:

How low can she go? Lindsay Lohan is a gun-licking nun in shocking poster for new movie. Alright, Lindsay! Let me help perpetuate this bad girl image; here’s the poster:

Picture by Splash News

Reminds me of my 4th grade nuns at St. Thomas Moore in Oxon Hill, Maryland in the late 60s. Only they were actually knife-wielding nuns. What happened to this kind of nun?

Fab Four Sue Fab 4

Yes, a Beatles tribute band is suing another Beatle’s tribute band claiming it is the only legitimate fake Beatles group. The lawsuit, filed in Las Vegas (a perfect venue for this), actually alleges that the Fab 4 is “essentially identical in sound and appearance” as the Fab Four. Or as the Las Vegas Sun newspaper puts it:

In other words, The Fab Four doesn’t want The Fab 4 cashing in on The Fab Four’s cashing in on the Beatles.

Here’s what the Fab Four look like in completely original costumes they came up with themselves.

Man Posts Bail with Counterfeit bills

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, it’s not just that 35-year-old Ronald White had the audacity to post phony money on shop lifting charges- the fakes were laughably fake. Like, printed off a color copier-fake.

Detective Sgt. William K. Covert.:

They’re pretty poor. I didn’t have to touch them and I knew they were bad,” said Detective Sgt. William K. Covert. They were almost as obvious as the copies of $1 bills he’s seen created by students trying to fool soda machines. The paper didn’t feel right. It lacked the colored threads. And Andrew Jackson’s face was kind of fuzzy.

You’d a thought Al Pacino’s face might have been the tip-off:

Lindsay Gets 90

Oh Ma Ga. I cannot believe I’m writing about Lindsay Lohan. Then again, it’s not every day a spoiled brat with a gigantic sense of entitlement and self-importance gets their due.

Seven times she failed to show up for an alcohol education class she had been mandated to attend due to not one, but two DUI convictions. The excuses were many. Stolen passport while attending the Cannes Film festival and was stranded in France. Flight problems in North Carolina. The death of an Uncle (she didn’t attend the funeral).

Prosecutors were not amused. As Danette Meyers put it, “Once, maybe, you’d have an excuse. Twice, an oversight. Three times, still haven’t caught her attention. . . . Seven times, the court is irrelevant to her.”

Meyers asked for Ms. Lohan to serve 30 days in the clinker. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel begged to differ. She went for three times that; 90 days in the slammer. Plus another 90 in rehab. So much for the best defense lawyers money can buy.

This is not just about a screwed-up, substance-abusing, egotistical actress. This is about somebody who gets wasted and then thinks it’s cool to drive a 2-ton automobile. On May 26, 2007, Lindsay Lohan drove a Mercedes-Benz into a hedge along Sunset Boulevard. Next time, who knows, maybe it’s a child instead of a hedge.

California defense attorney Mark Geragos says this is a case of a celebrity getting reverse preferential treatment- more time in jail because she’s famous. He argues prison time is not what’s needed here, rehab is.

Ok. She got her 90 days of rehab. The other 90 have nothing to do with her mental health. It’s for ours. Makes us feel like there is a sense of justice out there and no matter how pretty or rich or famous you are- no one is above the law. It goes for Presidents and it goes for actresses too.