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I am you! Wait! Who are you?

This is a post about signs and I'm sorry but this graphic was the best I could do

I did NOT attend the Jon Stewart/Steve Colbert rally Saturday. I work for a news organization that suggested that would not be a cool thing to do since the gathering had political overtones and I respect that. Plus, I’d like to remain employed.

I, did, however, make the incredibly stupid mistake of taking the Metro to the Eastern Market to browse and ended up buying some napoleons and éclairs.

I returned home right at the time the rally was breaking up only to become witness to our subway system in a state of chaos. Nothing like being hemmed in on a subway car like a sardine holding a plastic container of napoleons and éclairs. Lord knows what people thought of the political statement I was trying to make. Pro-chocolate, I guess.

Anyway, I spotted a lot of rather amusing signs. So here it was a couple of days later and I happen upon a fellow WordPress web site called Rallythecause.com

I do not endorse this web site or its opinions, whatever they may be, but it is the decent thing to do to cite them as my source of the 40 funniest rally signs. At least the 40 I thought were funny (they list over 350 of them).

Not a single one of my choices is political, as far as I can discern. Well, except for two. “Fear the Amish” and “Protect our Border Collies.” For the record, I respect the Amish (one of my fantasies in life is eating fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits with an Amish family). I am also for anything that protects our Border Collies and I’ll fight to the death for them (bless their furry little paws).

Now then, my favorite signs, in alphabetical order:

3. Eschew Obfuscation
4. Everything on this sign is spelled correctly
5. excuse me. pardon me. excuse me. pardon me.
6. Fear the Amish
7. I already regret choosing to carry this sign all day
8. I am a radicalized moderate and I’m mad as heck!
9. I am angry and afraid and I don’t know why [man dressed as Beaker the Muppet]
10. I am pretty sure that GOD HATES US EQUALLY
11. I am you! Wait! Who are you?
12. I can spell
13. I don’t believe in anything I just came for the violence
14. I don’t really have a political message…so I drew a bunny
15. I doubt this sign will change your opinion
16. I Hate Bed Bugs
17. I like kittens (worn by a little girl)
18. I like ice cream
19. I like pizza
20. I like turtles
21. I politely request satisfaction
22. I thought this was the line for Georgetown Cupcakes
23. I’m afraid of crowds
24. I’m annoyed, but it’s not that bad
25. I’m from the future. It turns out ok!
26. I’m going for sushi after this. Who’s with me?
27. If your idea can fit on a sign, you need a bigger idea
28. Juan Williams makes me nervous [whoa, how’d that get in there?]
29. Legalize Marijuana quickly before they search my fanny pack!
30. Make awkward sexual advances, not war
31. Moderates for better iPhone Reception
32. My opinions change with new information
33. On the whole, I am rather gruntled
34. Please STOP watching 2 1/2 Men It’s terrible and cannot be America’s #1 comedy. Thank you.
35. Protect our border collies
36. Sometimes I get the feeling that the government isn’t being completely honest and that concerns me!
37. The people behind me can’t see
38. There is nothing to fear but fear and spiders!
39. Where am I?
40. Why wasn’t this Rally catered?

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  1. jeff
    November 2, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    for me the signage was better than what was happening on stage.

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