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Greetings from South Beach

Garciamedialife is taking its first vacation since its inception last November.  Just one little week disconnected from Blackberries, Facebook, Twitter, all social media and the World Wide Web. 

In its place, Garciamedialife is connecting with the white sand and turqouis water of Miami Beach, the alligators and pelicans of the everglades, a show-off parrott at a lovely boutique hotel on Collins Avenue, who as we speak, is hanging upside down for tourist cameras in the central courtyard and a whole bunch of Miami Vices;  the pina colada-type beverage here that tastes like liquid lollipops but leaves you passed out in your air- conditioned hotel room until your next bout with the sun.

And I might add…it is ten degrees cooler here than when I left Washington over the weekend.  Who knew you’d have to go to friggin’ Miami to cool off?

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