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Al and Tipper Call It Quits

If the office water cooler conversation at your workplace was anything like the one at mine, here were the immediate reactions to Al and Tipper Gore’s break-up- in this order: Shock. Does Al have a new squeeze? Wait-maybe it was Tipper that kicked him to the curb?

For sure, there is unanimous consensus that “The Kiss” they performed at the 2000 Democratic National Convention was one of the weirdest, most awkward, and fake kisses of all time. I remember seeing them do that kiss thing at the time and thinking, “Wow, it looks like they haven’t kissed each other in years.”

Of course, the reason for the long, sloppy wet kiss was to point out to the world that he was the un-Clinton and that while Bubba may spend his days dodging flying plates from Hillary, Al and Tipper are the picture of bliss; at long last- a stable, loving relationship.

Which leads, of course to the immediate observation that- wow- Bill and Hillary are still together. They have actually outlasted Al and Tipper.

There will be much conjecture, of course, on why the climate change between Al and Tipper. I am sure the National Enquirer is out in force in Tennessee and California handing crisp $100 bills for any all information leading to any smarmy details that may explain the break-up.

Or- maybe after 40 years- it’s just time for a change and nothing nefarious is involved.

Or, better yet- and if you think about it- it’s totally feasible. I have to credit a work colleague for this theory: She recently confronted him. “No. I will not buy a Hybrid. I want a Ford Expedition, dammit.” Might this have been a matter of incompatible carbon footprints?

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