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Caps Fans Feel Some Vindication

May 13, 2010 1 comment

Maybe it wasn’t that we were bad or that we choked or that we’re cursed. It seems nobody can beat the Montreal Canadiens.

Having dispatched our hated enemy, the defending NHL champion Pittsburgh Penguins 5-2 in Game 7 to move into the Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday night, the Habs appear to be a team of fate and fortune. Ha! See that? We lost to a team of destiny!

Feels better now. And Sydney Crosby had only one goal in the series. So much for the Ovechkin/Crosby debate. Nobody cares anymore because they’re both out of the playoffs.

To my Pittsburgh Penguin fan-friends: We know your pain. It sucks and you can’t beleve it and how could it have happened and there’s a certain emptiness. As I have discovered, it will be somewhat comforting if Montreal goes on to the finals. I would suggest rooting for them.

Nobody beats destiny.

Busy Jupiter

Image: Anthony Wesley

Something happened to the planet Jupiter between the end of last year and early April.  It may be nothing more than white clouds moving over the dark clouds that defined one of it’s familiar stripes- but those puppies are gone.

That roughly 4-month period is when Jupiter got too close to the sun in the sky for anyone to see it.  When it emerged last month- no dark stripe in the southern hemisphere.  This has happened before, once in 1973 and in the early 1990’s. 

David Shiga has a nice piece on this at

And it’s not the only stuff going on:

The disappearance of the belt comes at a time of widespread – but mysterious – change on Jupiter, which has seen changes to the colour of other bands and spots in its atmosphere

Interesting solar system.

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