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Geezers Battle Tiger at The Masters

Tiger’s holding his own at -4.  In fact, it’s his best Master’s start ever.  But Fred Couples and Tom Watson are 110 years old!  And they’re at -6 and -5 respectively in 1st and 2nd place after the 1st round at Augusta.  I think I like the geezer story line even more than Tiger’s steely, remorseful return.

Tom Watson, who very nearly won the British Open last year, is 60 years old.  Fred Couples, who I saw win his 1st tournament at the Kemper Open at Congressional 27 years ago…is 50.

I’m feeling young again.

Tiger Notes

The Nike ad featuring Tiger’s dad is rather interesting.  Nike capitalizing on sorrow and human frailty.  With Tiger’s permission.  It’s been reported that Tiger’s father was a bit of a philanderer himself- but never mind.

And Billy Payne, the Chairman of the Augusta Country Club, took Tiger to the woodshed Wednesday for his “egregious” behavior.  Interesting as well.  Egregious as Tiger’s antics have been, how long was it before a black man played at the Masters at all?   Let’s see, the first Masters, known then as the Augusta National Invitational, was played in March of 1934.  Lee Elder teed off in April, 1975.  A little over 41 years.

Elder, by the way, rented two houses in Augusta that year so the people who were threatening him with hate mail wouldn’t be able to find him easily.

Morality, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.