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Revenge of the Peeps

Yeah, yeah, Easter’s over. You think you’re safe. But do you realize how many uneaten peeps there are out there? Three words, my friends: They are organizing. Watch your back.

The World Wide Web is full of images of their troubled marshmallowy existence:

Peeps gather after an, uh, unfortunate incident.

A peep discovers the uncomfortable qualties of hot chocolate.

A peep as an egg replacement for Sunday breakfast.

Peep thinks he’s all so comfy in a little graham cracker bed.

Revenge of the Peeps

A rebel peep sneaks a smoke.

Peeps in training for the worldwide takeover.

The first wave of peeps awaiting invasion orders.

Weeks after Easter, a peep spy gathers intelligence.

Now It Can Be Told

They’ve attacked before. Remember 1971? When Paul McCartney supposedly died? This little-known picture was recently uncovered in the Apple studios archives.

Sure. Go ahead. Eat them. It’s our only hope.

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