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A Very Special Evening Honoring Courage

March 5, 2010 4 comments

The Radio Television Digital News Foundation held it’s 20th anniversary dinner last night at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington.   It honored individuals in broadcasting who fight the good fight to make the 1st Amendment to the Constitution more than just words.

The highlight for me came when CBS News Radio Vice President and dear friend, Harvey Nagler, received his award for his 40 years of service toward that end and graciously put the spotlight, not on himself, but on his brave and couragious correspondent, and also my dear friend, Cami McCormick.   Cami attended the dinner, one of her first public appearances since she narrowly escaped death and survived an IED attack in Afghanistan last August.

Cami has never asked for the spotlight and I hope she won’t be upset that I am writing about last night’s event.  As Harvey recounted the scary and awful events of last summer, he paused in his speech, and as his voice cracked with understandable emotion, said he was going to do something he never thought would have been possible.  He asked Cami to stand and be recognized.   As a literal, bright spotlight shone on her, Cami confidently defied the odds one more time and mustered the strength to get up from her wheelchair and stand before the whole world on her injured legs.

It was a moment I will never forget.  A moment of victory for Cami, for free speech, for the courage it takes to risk life and limb to report the truth.   To literally stand for the 1st Amendment.

Cami has a “bumper sticker” on her Facebook wall that reads: “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” 

Your strength continues to be an inspiration to us all, Cami.   We all love you so much.