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Wanted: Old Man Winter

This is the guy who is responsible

Ok. Here he is. This is Old Man Winter. He has an icy grip on us all. If I hear one more reference to “Old Man Winter’s icy grip” from a news anchor reading over a winter visual, my head will explode.

I know we’re not supposed to trust Wikipedia but the site says Old Man Winter is a personification of winter who has several cousins including the Old English god, Woden and in Russian folklore, some guy named Morozko.

How cool would it be to hear, “Residents of the Midwest are under the spell of Woden’s icy grip.” Now, that, I would respect. Just ’cause it’s quirky.

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  1. Jon Belmont
    January 5, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Might be payola. Think they’re getting a spiff for building the OMW brand. Same goes for White Stuff brand snow.

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