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Vinny Cerrato Out; Redskins Fortunes Up

Vinny’s gone!

Really, in the end, in the NFL, it’s not about high-priced free agents and big-name coaches.  It’s about building organizations from the ground up.  It’s about scouting and making draft picks that become the core of a team for years.  It’s about bringing in lower-priced free agents who grow and flourish.  It’s the GM’s office that matters most.   That’s what Bobby Beathard and then Charlie Casserly brought to the Redskins in their glory years.  

And so we have news this morning that Owner Dan Snyder’s good buddy, the much-maligned GM, Vinny Ceratto is gone…to be replaced by veteran NFL front office guy, Bruce Allen, son of George Allen, father of the Over-the-Hill gang, a guy with a pedigree and direct link to the first iteration of Redskins glory.

This could be a really important turning point for a once legendary franchise.  For once, this isn’t about landing a $100 million free agent in the twilight of a career.  It’s not about the revolving door of coaches that have made fans dizzy for the decade Daniel Snyder has run the team.  Ironically, it may result in the hiring of another coach, but maybe one that will competently execute the results of the rebuilding process on the field; one that will stick around for more than a season or two.     

This is a big deal for Redskins fans.  I never thought I’d live to say this but- good move, Dan Snyder.  Keeping hope alive.

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