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Republicans Stage a Comeback Except for NY23rd

The exit polls reveal a pretty obvious storyline. Economic concerns and worries government is trying to do too much. Independents have voted solidly GOP tonight. And this: huge drop-off in turn-out among voters under 45…in both states. Haven’t seen the African-American turn-out figures yet but it would seem obvious those numbers are down too. In both states, Obama gets majority approval numbers (NJ-57%, VA-51%) in exit polls and fairly small minorities say they cast their votes as a referendum on Obama. But if the economy doesn’t pick up, one year from now could be real trouble for all incumbants. Even Mayor Bloomberg is down to 51% in the latest returns despite the $100 million he spent.

In NJ and VA, the coalition that elected Obama stayed home. And people are voting their nearly empty wallets. Pretty toxic pattern for Dems.

NY 23rd just called for the Dems. Owens wins, Hoffman concedes. That’s the surprise of the night. Endorsements from Palin, Fred Thompson, Glenn Beck did not work. The moderate wing may have a place in the party after all.

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